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Vending IT Fast

Pecunda Team
February 07, 2020

Alliander Office IT supply reduced from 5 days to 10 seconds.

Getting small IT stuff like a USB stick, power adaptor or a mouse delivered bij the IT departement can take quite some time. When you are located in a remote office it can take even 5 days or a return trip to the nearest IT service desk.

alliander fujitsu

Using IT vending machines can dramatically reduce the delivery time. Alliander IT together with their IT partner Fujitsu has selected the Ximedes GetIT solution which was developed in close cooperation with Jaski Automaten.

vending it small

GetIT is based on the Pecunda payment system, but with enhanced features for logistics management, support reservation of IT articles, bill to cost centers and integration with service management software like ServiceNow.

Alliander employees simply tap their Alliander badge to get access to the IT stuff inside the vending machine. Reporting and cost center billing is fully automated.

The GetIT is provided bij Ximedes as a managed service. The local IT vending machines are connected to the central GetIT server using the mobile network.