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Own the flow
Every day your employees and guests pay for services provided by you and your service providers. Vending machines, POS systems, printers & copiers and access controllers, all need to be able to apply the correct pricing rules and discounts, based on user identity and payment credentials. As a site owner, you need to have insight into the flow of money through your organization, across vendors and across devices. Reliable clearing and settlement with your service providers requires detailed insight into what was sold, at what price and through which channel!
Pecunda for Vending Machines

Simply fitting a PecundaBox into your vending machine allows it to accept cashless payments. At the same time manage and configure your vending machine.

Pecunda for POS

Connect any cash register to Pecunda, either by connecting it to a Pecunda Terminal or through the Payment API in online situations.

Pecunda for Printers & Multifunctionals

MFPs are easily connected to Pecunda by means of the Printer Spooler software. In offline situations we connect a PecundaBox to the MFP.

Pecunda for Printers & Multifunctionals

Simply use the Pecunda App to top-up your Pecunda account, alternatively Ximedes provides stations that accept bank cards and bank notes.

Manage your site

Pecunda offers you a central hub to configure your vending machines, points-of-sale, MFPs and reloaders. It also manages users and cards, connecting to Card Management Systems if so desired. It collects transaction data and delivers it to our reporting tools and your ERP systems.

Manage the flow of money

If you have separate suppliers serving coffee, beverages, snacks and cafetaria food, Pecunda you automatically pay each of those merchents the right amount for their services, daily, weekly or monthly. Pecunda also offers ways to automatically top-up your users' cards, making physical reloaders obsolete.

Use bank cards and closed-loop cards

With Pecunda you can use bank cards as well as closed-loop cards to make payments. That means you safe massively on transaction costs for your closed-loop transactions, , while allowing guests yo simply pay using their bank card.

Payment API

Pecunda is a modern, open system. It allows other software and devices to easily connect. We host an API for Card Management systems, and also an API that allows external systems such as printers to make payment requests for a user.

Pecunda works in online, offline & hybrid environments!