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Ximedes and Klarna introduce seamless payments at universities

Jun 14, 2019 12:00:00 AM • Author: Thimo Harmsen

Ximedes' closed-loop payment platform Pecunda is used by many large industries and universities. Topping up the cards was always a bit of a hassle, using a reloader to transfer money to your card. Now, Klarna and Ximedes merged Pecunda with the Klarna app, making topping up a one-click experience. The Pecunda payment system enables organizations to have people pay at vending-, coffee- and printing stations, using a single NFC-card. Using that card - such as their campus cards - Pecunda users identify themselves and with one tap, and the payment is made. It may even be that the same cup of coffee is sold for a different price to a student than a professor. Until recently, physical reloaders were the only way to top-up the cards' balance using bank cards or cash.

But now, you can simply use a Klarna App to top-up your balance, from anywhere at any time, making the use of Pecunda even more pleasant for students, and immediately use your freshly topped up card on campus or in the factory or office.

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