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Pecunda REST/JSON payment interface

Oct 5, 2019 12:00:00 AM • Author: Laagland

Paying, like for printing, with online Pecunda accounts is made easier with Pecunda’s External Payment Interface (EPI). Based on a REST/JSON API external applications can send online payment requests to the Pecunda back office system. These payment request are real-time processed.

Typical applications that benefit from this API are print management systems like Pcounter, Uniflow and Papercut. Payment requests can be send based on an account ID being either a card UID, a secure Pecunda ID/Token or an agreed external ID.

For these type of payment service no physical terminals are needed anymore. The third party service can either get the ID to be used from an identity provider used or an embedded (secure) card reader.

Pecunda’s extensive configurable set of account holder rights and privileges (discounts, budgets etc) will be integrated into this interface.

Providing the External Payment Interface is part of the continious innovation cycle of Pecunda. API’s will be based on modern REST/JSON based API’s with integrated test facilities and documentation for third parties.

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