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dockdock to control your subscription payments

Nov 11, 2019 12:00:00 AM • Author: René Hodde

dockdock provides control and ease of payment over all your subscriptions

dockdock mobile app
In a world that is changing from buying to using, resulting in a sharp increase in subscriptions, dockdock offers consumers control over their spending and the control of these subscriptions.

dockdock is the app that gives the consumer financial peace, it offers overview and payment flexibility on your subscriptions. A recently published Nibud report supports this the need of more consumer control and services  And this is not at the expense of the merchant, dockdock first of all makes sure that he gets paid so that his relationship with the consumer remains a high quality one. dockdock therefore takes over the accounts receivable management of subscriptions and provides a 100% turnover guarantee.

The merchant never has to wait for his money and limits the risk and costs of non-paying customers.  Connection is easy via the dockdock portal or connection to an administration package.

dockdock app

For the merchant customers, there is a handy app in which they can easily manage their subscriptions and which sends payment requests and reminders.  The app also offers them flexibility in payment, such as the possibility to postpone payment for 14 days. Customer-friendly, isn't it?

Visit dockdock.com for more details.

dockdock online

A Nibud report on subscriptions in 2019 states that:

Of the respondent’s 44 percent have five to ten subscriptions; 23
percent have ten to fifteen and the number is growing.
Many respondents see subscriptions as an opportunity.

Of the respondents, 41 percent are happy that there are more and more
possibilities to take out a subscription for a product/service. 41
percent also think that subscriptions have more advantages than

Of the respondents, 24 percent think it's a lot of hassle to cancel
a subscription. 13 percent also said that they would postpone
cancelling a subscription for as long as possible because they
were reluctant to do so.

Three quarters of the respondents indicated that they prefer to
cancel or change their subscriptions online.


During intense workshops in the Ximedes-dockdock team, the vision of dockdock got established and the requirements crystallized.  In this phase it also became clear that the architecture of the application should consist out of multiple components, being a multi-facet application: an interface for the consumer to interact with, in the form of an mobile phone app, a REST API for the merchants, a web portal for the support users and the backoffice itself, the backbone of the system.


The application also interacts with a lot of external systems, like an iDEAL implementor, a SDD processor, a credit check application and a few more. Kotlin is used as the main programming language; the Android and the iOS apps were developed as native apps and the web portal is based on ReactJS and TypeScript.


The application is completely hosted in AWS and the deployment process is automated using our continuous integration server (TeamCity) and Ansible scripts. Testing of the backend is automated using Cucumber and all the tests (more than 1000 right now) run on the CI server on every build. Currently we are implementing automated tests for the mobile native apps using Appium.

Visit dockdock.com for more details.

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René Hodde

René Hodde