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Small payments within big organizations

Nov 19, 2019 12:00:00 AM • Author: Thimo Harmsen

In many big public organizations coffee machines, vending machines, printers and even the cash register at lunch only accept cash. In a time where there is a fast shift towards EMV (contactless - bankcards) transactions and payments methods using apps, the facility manager is looking for closed-loop payments. But why? What are the advantages?

  • Combination with identity: Access to your office(floor) is usually a NFC-functionality. This can be embedded in a card of tag. Why don't use this device as your wallet?
  • Transaction costs: Open payments (eg bankcard) can have costs that don't fit your (facility)business case. If you need the best coffee for the lowest price, you need a closed loop payment system.
  • Roll based pricing: If you want to charge your visitors other pricing then your employees, or your sales department needs free coffee, you need roll-based pricing.
  • Central pricing: Make sure to handle all prices in one dashboard and have an automatic roll-out to all devices.
  • Automated Clearing and settlement versus cash handling: A closed-loop payment system automatically can report revenue. profits etc and settle all payments to the suppliers, without handling any cash.
  • Offline capabilities: If you have remote sites that cannot connect to any cloud platform you need a system that securely stores money on the card.

Especially in the Netherlands we see a common solution in hybrid payments: guests of the organisation pay with their bankcard and the employees can pay with their personal ‘closed loop’ card. Either way, Ximedes supports almost all configurations and together with you we will find the perfect solution that fits your organizational needs.

Please contact Ximedes for more information at info@ximedes.com

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Thimo Harmsen