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Ximedes at Toekomst van het Betalingsverkeer

Jan 1, 2022 12:00:00 AM • Author: Thimo Harmsen

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The annual Dutch event "Toekomst van het Betalingsverkeer" (Future of Payments) will be held for the 31st time on Wednesday March 31st. Ximedes is excited to sponsor the event at Amsterdam Conference Center 'Beurs van Berlage' and to meet the Dutch FinTech industry.


beurs van berlage

As the previous editions, it is the go-to event for payment experts to gather and discuss key issues. This year too, the program is packed with topics that are important in the FinTech industry. Three themes have been determined:

  1. Regulations, reality
  2. Embedded: The new Payments Behavior
  3. Acceleration Towards New Money

beurs van berlage inside

Ximedes is very excited about the track "Embedded: The New Payments Behavior" and will provide a Keynote on this topic. Items that will be touched upon are:

  • One-touch payments.
  • Examples of seamless embedded payment experiences.
  • Security risks and regulations of embedded payments.
  • The business case of embedded payments.
  • Payment infrastructure offered by banks and PSPs to facilitate embedded payments.

We will also take a look at 'Tokenization' as a true enabler of the above topics.

About Ximedes

Ximedes is a software house that creates bespoke software for clients, usually in the cloud-based solution that we continue to develop. Key specializations: Merchant Onboarding, Payment gateways, Merchant portals, Reconciliation & Settlement.

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Thimo Harmsen
Director Business Development

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