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Human X Finance: Ximedes at Money20/20

May 28, 2024 1:19:36 PM • Author: Ximedes


This year, the Ximedes team is excited to attend Money20/20, the leading fintech event in the world. Money20/20 is the hub for all financial institutions, and this year's theme, Human X Machine, highlights the collaboration between humans and our increasingly intelligent machine counterparts. Together, they are creating a new world. We are about to witness a transformation where consumer and business interactions will change not just what we experience, but how we experience it. As we navigate this era, efficiency will increase in ways we can't yet imagine, affecting every part of our ecosystem. At Money20/20, attendees will share stories of exceptional individuals—superhumans—who are exploring this new territory.

Traditionally, banks have been the main partners for merchants in the payments space. However, neo-banks and payment specialists, using digital tools, have attracted many customers away from traditional banks. These innovators offer superior onboarding, user-friendly merchant portals, easy integration, and a wide range of services beyond the basics.

Ximedes is leading this revolution, helping banks regain their competitive edge by developing payment services that are integrated with core banking platforms while being as agile and flexible as modern PSPs. For over twenty years, we have been innovators in the payment space, starting with our first online gateway for e-commerce payments for Dutch banks. Our journey continues as we integrate alternative payment methods and create APIs, portals, and plugins that merchants love.

Our strength lies in creating software solutions that help financial institutions succeed in this changing environment. Whether it's online payments, embedded payments, merchant onboarding or embedded Finance.  Ximedes combines our human expertise with advanced technology to serve our clients. We develop solutions that streamline onboarding processes, enhance portal development, automate workflows, and provide detailed reporting systems. This blend of human and machine capabilities is changing the financial experience.

In this new era, efficiency is crucial. By working with financial institutions, we see significant boosts in productivity and performance. Routine tasks are being automated, allowing human talent to focus on strategic initiatives and valuable activities. This synergy between humans and machines is driving innovation, taking the financial sector to the next level.

Ximedes is dedicated to leading these innovations, by combining the intelligence of humans and machines, we are looking forward to a future where finance is more accessible, transparent, and inclusive for all. At the core of this transformation is our Human X Finance theme of Money20/20, where we will show how our technology and human expertise work together to serve our customers.

Our team hopes to see you at our booth 1F70! Let’s discuss future possibilities together.

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