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Rabobank Smart Pay

Getting a firm grip on the future of payments

About Rabobank Smart Pay


Smart Pay, formerly known as Rabobank OmniKassa, is Rabobank's payment platform. 

Smart Pay enables merchants to to easily accept payments everywhere: In physical stores, on the go and online. Smart Pay provides a seamless omnichannel solution, offering terminals, payment requests, QR codes and online payments. Alternative payment methods such as Ideal, Bancontact, Sofort, Paypal are integrated into Rabo Smart Pay's online dashboard. It is a comprehensive solution that offers a beautiful user experience.

Rabobank office

First steps of the project

Online payment infrastructure

Smart Pay started a few years ago with Rabobank’s desire to offer online payments additional to their successful terminal payments solution, which serves tens of thousands of merchants throughout the Netherlands.

Ximedes was selected to develop the online gateway because of their unique positioning as a technology provider with payment domain knowledge. Ximedes and Rabobank quickly went to work on a platform that accepted card payments and a few alternative payment methods, iDEAL being the most prominent one due to its popularity in the Dutch market.

The online payment gateway is still an important part of Rabobanks payment proposition, with well documented API's and easy-to-use eComm plugins to make the merchant's live easy.



providing insights

Reconciliation and settlement

Rabobank is a collecting PSP, with a unique next-day settlement agreement. The revenue a merchant makes today is paid out tomorrow, even if the acquirers are slower to pay Rabobank. That means, Rabobank has to keep careful track of all Smart Pay transactions, subtract the network fees and Rabobank’s own fees before paying the merchant. Ximedes built this reconciliation and settlement software from the ground up. Today it runs in Rabobank’s Cloud, processing more than a billion transactions each year.

Welcoming new merchants

Merchant onboarding

At this moment only existing Rabobank customers use Smart Pay, so although KYC processes have already been performed, merchants still need to onboard their Smart Pay options: which payment terminals do they prefer, how many do they require in shops and outlets? Which online payment methods do they want to offer to their merchants? All of this information is gathered in the onboarding flow, and in real time passed on to Rabobanks partners and acquirers. This allows the merchants to use their new payment infrastructure in days.


providing insights

Merchant Dashboard

Once they use the payment solution merchants want to know how many transactions their shops processed, which type of payment methods were used and what their total revenues were in a past period. All of this information is made available in a  merchant portal, together with options to refund consumers and the settlements that were made and are expected.

Ximedes developed both the onboarding portal as well as the backend of Rabobank’s merchant portal. Today this Omnichannel Merchant Portal contains billions of transactions but still manages to give merchants insights in a flash.

Devops teams

How Rabobank and Ximedes cooperate

Multiple teams at Ximedes collaborating with Rabobank use modern programming languages and Cloud Technology to develop these mission-critical systems. The Dev-Ops teams are responsible for developing new functionality while ensuring a highly reliable operation. Based on functional and non-functional requirements, we handle architecture, development, documentation, and extensive testing.


Together we move transactions