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TapConnect Ticketing Solution



With flexible product definition, automated fraud detection, streamlined distribution, barcode issuance and validation, inspection capabilities, and real-time insights, TapConnect sets a new standard for transport system management. TapConnect also introduces combi-ticketing by seamlessly combining museum or exhibition tickets with public transport passes. The phenomenal sales figures reported by TapConnect unequivocally demonstrate the success of this approach.

Watch short video on this here 

TapConnect for Deutschland Ticket


TapConnect is very well-suited for the issuing and management of D-Ticket. Ximedes developed it's own App, that any Verkehrsverbund and Verkehrsunternehmen may use, and may of our customers do, and let us take care of the subscription payments.

TapConnect issues VDV KA tickets or UIC tickets in your name, you just have to provide us with your ORG_ID and give your formal consent.

TapConnect can be used to issue:

  • Normal D-Tickets
  • Job Tickets
  • Schüler Tickets (including Chip Cards)
  • Studenten Tickets

TapConnect can also be integrated in your existing App, in a surprisingly easy way. 

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Attract more passengers with the right tickets

Product Definition

One of the key features of TapConnect is its flexibility in defining products. Transport operators effortlessly design and customize diverse transport offerings to suit their unique requirements.

With TapConnect, operators gain the ability to define time-based products that are either date-specific or dynamically adjust their validity based on the moment of initial check-in, ensuring a seamless travel experience that lasts for a specified duration.

How it works


The issuing module is responsible for creating the actual tickets. A ticket is the combination of a product definition with the selected options and
information of the traveller. When issuing a ticket, TapConnect responds with the unique ticket id, and something to present to the user that can be used to link to the ticket. A ticket is a signed piece of data that represents a travel right. The ticket can be graphically represented as a barcode. TapConnect supports UIC 918-3, UIC 918-9 and VDV-KA barcodes.

Country wide



TapConnect supports interoperability with the ability to provide travellers with a convenient experience of travelling on different modals with different Transport Operators.

Interoperability enables the integration of various modes of transportation, including buses, trains, trams etc. into a cohesive transportation network. This integration allows passengers to plan and complete their journeys using multiple modes of transport efficiently.



TapConnect's API-first architecture makes it easy for operators to partner with organisations to sell tickets. This helps to increase ticket sales and reach a wider audience. At this moment, TapConnect tickets are sold in the Traveler Apps of public transport operators such as Arriva, GVB and RET, but also by independent sales organisations such as Tranzer, Glimble and Maze.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is quickly on the rise. With a MaaS App travellers can buy a bus ticket, rent a bike or an electric scooter. TapConnect now provides the standard TOMP API to make the live of MaaS Providers much easier.

The TOMP API offers a standardised communication protocol between the Transport Operator and the MaaS Provider, hence the acronym: TOMP. This standard protocol makes the Maas Providers' life much easier. Instead of connecting to dozens of proprietary planning and booking engines, it can now use the TOMP protocol to deal with all Transport Operators, or at least the ones that support the TOMP standard.

Maas Providers such as Amaze, Via-Go and Tanqyou are connected to this TOMP API, and can provide barcode tickets that give travellers access to the public transport offered by the Transport Operators.

Documentation available at https://documentation.tapconnect.io/

How to tackle fraud

Fraud Detection

The barcodes TapConnect uses are defined by Translink, together with the Dutch PTOs. They require the barcodes to be signed with a key that belongs to the PTO that issues the ticket. This setup makes it very hard to forge TapConnect barcodes for fraudsters.

However, barcodes have an inherent weakness, they are easy to copy and can be shared in seconds. Therefore, Fraud detection is very important and it is integral to TapConnect's. Transport Operators can set up custom parameters in TapConnect to automatically detect and prevent fraudulent activities, automatically adding suspect barcodes to a deny-list.

Therefore, fraud detection is very important and it is integral to TapConnect's. Transport operators can set up custom parameters to automatically detect and prevent fraudulent activities, automatically adding suspect barcodes to a deny-list.

Learn from TapConnect

Dashboard & Analytics

TapConnect goes beyond operational features by providing transport operators with real-time insights into travel history. Operators can access up-to-date information on passenger journeys, allowing for informed decision-making and data-driven improvements.
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Robust Ticket Validation

In the Netherlands passengers are required to check in and check out of the public transport system, regardless whether you use your bank card, a closed loop token or a barcode. This is similar to the situation in London.

That is why barcodes have to be validated in real-time, and TapConnect is up to this challenge making an online check of every barcode presented well within 250 millisecondes ensuring a smooth and seamless passenger experience. TapConnect even deals elegantly with a situation in which a tram or bus temporarily has no internet connection.

Tapconnect ticketing solution

How Ximedes can Help

Ximedes has decades of experience in helping PTOs develop and implement IT systems in public transport. Six years ago we developed TapConnect as a an API-first ticketing system. It is now the de facto standard barcode ticketing system in the Netherlands,  and used for D-Ticket too.

TapConnect is barcode centric, but it can deal with chip cards too. Ximedes also delivers a complete Automated Fare Collection system on top of TapConnect. The system is capable of validating barcodes, chip cards and debit and credit cards. 


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