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Driving the digital revolution in Public Transport

Our systems guide drivers on their routes. It provides real-time information about expected arrival times to passengers.  It allows Public Transport Organizations to make their operations more efficient and provides real-time insight on the performance of your fleet.


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As a public transport organization (PTO) or authority (PTA) your core business is to get passengers to their destinations reliably, punctually and safe. In this digital era, this requires the integration of many systems, both inside the vehicle and in the cloud. 

  • Your passengers require real-time insight in time tables and delays, on information displays, in apps, and on external websites.
  • Stakeholders - both internal and external - require data about the actual trips, frequency and punctuality.
  • Selling a ticket online, validating it at a platform gate, and inspecting it using a mobile device requires near real-time sharing of data between ticketing backoffices, vehicle hardware and cloud software.

Ximedes is a software consultancy and development firm specialized in the development and integration of software systems in public transport. We help PTOs and PTAs with their digital transformation by connecting their core systems and vehicles to each other and the cloud, and building new and exciting integrated value-added services.

Driver Console

All information about a trip is at the fingertips of  your drivers with Ximedes' one-tablet Driver Console. It features:

  • Driver identification and registration
  • Trip schedule and punctuality information
  • Turn-by-turn navigation, also in the case of detours
  • Message exchange with traffic control, including silent alerts
  • Connection with mobile communication system

One-tablet system

A single tablet acts as a complete board computer (AVMS) - no external board computer is necessary. This is especially valuable for smaller scale transportation.

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Validator 2 Mobility

Automated Fare Collection

Our Automated Fare Collection (AFC) solution allows your drivers to focus on their job. Passengers board the vehicle, check in by scanning a barcode, tapping their payment card or tapping a proprietary NFC card.

For many travellers the ability to simply check-in with your debit or credit card is the simplest way to use public transport. No need to sign up or download a mobile app - just tap your card and travel. EMV-based travel is completely integrated in our AFC solution.

Country-wide subscription systems such as the D-Ticket in Germany rely on barcodes. Our validators can read all sorts of barcodes, and integration with D-Ticket comes out-of-the-box.

Finally, many regions and cities also use a closed-loop (pre-paid) NFC card to pay for fares. Our validators are capable of validating these cards and process them correctly.



Our TapConnect Ticketing backend is an open system to which any website, mobile app, point-of-sale, or vending machine can easily disconnect to issue barcode tickets. We keep track across sales channels and modalities.

Fare calculation

TapConnect is capable of performing zone-based and time-based fare calculations. For more complex situations, TapConnect can also integrate with your existing fare calculation engine, keeping your product setup and pricing calculations centralized.

Validation and inspection

The TapConnect ticketing system is also the back office for validation of tickets. It supports both real-time online validation as well as offline validation use cases. Fraud monitoring and deny list management is included. 

Ximedes has also developed several inspection solutions on mobile devices. Modern commercial off-the-shelf hardware allows a single device to inspect tickets across modalities - barcodes, NFC and EMV tickets can be inspected from a single device. Deep integration with the vehicle network and ticketing back offices means inspection is accurate, fast and reliable.

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Open architecture

Ximedes believes interoperability is an unavoidable and essential part of all future public transport solutions. Being part of the digital age requires moving away from monolithic, vendor-locked solutions. The systems we develop are designed for integration with and by third parties - open, composable, and easy to integrate. We are part of several standards consortia, and actively support and implement standards like IBIS IP (VDV301) and ITxPT.

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Vehicle Management

A modern vehicle continuously generates data that needs to be distributed to and from several different systems, both in-vehicle and central. Telemetry data from the CAN bus needs to be combined with GPS data, trip schedules, geographical data and others to make sure the information available to drivers, passengers and central systems is accurate and timely.

Together with GVB (the PTO of Amsterdam) we developed the GIVA platform to standardise and control the exchange of data. Based on the ITxPT standard, GIVA allows hardware and software from different vendors to discover services in the network, subscribe to their data, and send and receive messages in a standardised manner. GIVA allows you as a PTO to compose your fleet information systems in the way you see fit, connecting best-of-breed solutions together to create the best possible experience for your customers.

But GIVA is more. It is a remote software management platform, allowing you to roll out new versions of software to your fleet in a controlled manner. Over-the-air updates can be pushed to small or large segments of your fleet, and be rolled back at any time.

Constant monitoring of diagnostic messages from all connected devices provides your support personnel with real-time insights into the state of your fleet. When a vehicle returns to the depot you already know of any issues and be ready to fix them. Predictive maintenance is also possible by more deeply analysing patterns in diagnostics, lowering your total maintenance cost and increase the availability and capacity of your fleet of vehicles.

Telemetry data of all vehicles is also pushed to the central systems, allowing your operators to see the location of your fleet in real time. 

Fleet management

The data of all vehicles is stored in Ximedes' central Fleet Management system. Because all your vehicles run Ximedes' system, the dashboard shows all vehicles in the same way, regardless of make or type.

You literally see the vehicles moving across the map, indicating what trip they are driving, if they are ahead or behind schedule.

If you click a vehicle it shows it's current health, the version number of the software it runs on, it's battery charge, if the doors are open, etc.

As we save all data historically it becomes a goldmine. You can find out which lines are well-uesd, which trips are always late, and if there are indicators for preventive maintenance.



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"GIVA allows us to deliver great service to our passengers."


Jan Luijben
Information Manager at GVB

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