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Daimler Payment System

Apr 8, 2018 12:00:00 AM • Author: Rene Hodde

It started in 2017 with Daimler Trucks, part of Daimler AG Germany. Daimler was ready to select a new vending supplier to serve all their plants throughout Germany with new vending facilities. Besides the vending facilities itself, major attention was given to the implementation of a new cloud based payment system that would support not only the new vending machines, but also the POS terminals in the canteens, clearing & settlement and reporting and one that would integrate with their existing employee cards.

Daimler selected for the overall vending contract Coca-Cola European Partners Germany and for the desired payment eco system, the Ximedes Pecunda solution.

Ximedes and Coca-Cola teamed up and defined together a test, migration and rollout plan.The Pecunda payment system had to be integrated with several other external systems as POS terminals and telemetry systems. One of the factories served as Proof of Concept and after a successful PoC, the actual rollout of 800 vending machines, 100 PoS locations and 100 reloaders for 6 factory plants was completed in less than 5 weeks. After 8 months usage, the system is processing more than 1.000.000 transactions each month for about 30.000 tokens/accounts.


Now early in 2018, Ximedes is again selected to replace the payment systems at DaimlerCars, an even bigger assignment with 1458 terminals , 991 vending machines , 305 PoS locations and 162 reloaders for another 6 factory plants.

For Daimler Cars we will cooperate closely with the vending & catering partner Selecta GmbH. The planned implementation will start in Q2 2018 and will take about 7 weeks.

With these plants added to the Pecunda payment system, we expect to process 4.000.000 transactions monthly for 120.000 accounts.

Next will be the talks between the companies for further global rollout, we will start these pitches the coming months.

It is an understatement that we are very proud that one of the biggest and leading companies in Germany and Europe selected Ximedes for their factory payment needs.

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Rene Hodde