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Ximedes wins GVB Barcode Tender

Nov 30, 2019 12:00:00 AM • Author: John-Peter Veldkamp

Press-release: Ximedes wins GVB Barcode Tender

On Friday November 29th, Amsterdam’s public transport operator GVB announced that the contract for the development of the “Issuing and Validating Back Office Barcode” was awarded to Ximedes.

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Ximedes’ FareTech division specializes in helping public transport organizations to innovate and to make the transition to new ways of travelling and fare collection. Ximedes will, together with GVB, tailor it’s TapCheck barcode solution to GVB’s ambitions and future plans.

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GVB’s mission is to ‘connect Amsterdam’. To support this mission, GVB introduces new ways of fare collection, including Barcode traveling. Barcodes enable or benefit:

  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS): Barcodes will be the backbone of MaaS, which GVB is developing with other public transport organizations and prominent Amsterdam partners.

  • Tourists: Barcodes make public transport more accessible for Tourists. As barcodes can be cheaply distributed shops but also through mobile devices. Tourists can purchase tickets from the comfort of their own home, before their trip.

  • Combi-Tickets: One Barcodes can integrate museum access, admission to a musical and a 3-day traveling pass all in one.

  • Anytime, anywhere ticket sales: Tickets may be purchased 24 hours a day, throughout the year with the help of a simple App or website.

From 3rd – 5th December the World Rail Festival (WRF) takes place in Amsterdam. In booth 17 the TapCheck barcode solution is shown, alongside a demonstration of the Generic Vehicle Architecture.

If you have any questions or if you want to set an appoint to come by at our booth feel free to reach out to: John-Peter Veldkamp / Manager Mobility Solutions & Innovations / john-peter.veldkamp@ximedes.com / +31-(0)6-21258907

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