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TapCheck barcode solution is go for launch

Sep 26, 2020 12:00:00 AM • Author: Gijs ter Horst

TapCheck (https://tapcheck.io) is a barcode solution for public transport, supporting global barcode sales, efficient validation and MaaS. GVB and Ximedes jointly develop this product. Phase one of TapCheck is now formally accepted by GVB and will shortly go into production.

In its current state, TapCheck only supports offline validation. Validators and metro gates rely on the information coded into the (UIC-918-3) ticket to decide on allowing a traveller to board the vehicle.

Online validation

In the next phase, scheduled for launch before the end of the year, Ximedes and GVB add online validation. With online validation the ticket holds only a reference to the travel rights kept at our severs. Online validation makes fraud detection much more reliable, and enables multi-ride tickets and sliding validity. Sliding validity tickets have a fixed validity, say two hours, that starts after their first use. We will continue to use offline validation as a fallback in situations where a validator or gate is temporarily offline.

Stop-to-stop and station-to-station products

As Arriva joined TapCheck, stop-to-stop tickets are now being built into the product. The complexity of such tickets is higher, as the price varies with the selected start and destination stations as well as the mode of transport (train or bus). But the addition of these tickets increase the versatility of TapCheck, allowing more operators to use it.

A bright future

Both GVB and Ximedes are very happy with the progress made with TapCheck. We hope more public transport operators will join us. The quality and versatility of the product combined with a flat monthly fee without any per-ticket fees whatsoever should ensure this.

More info?

If you want more information about TapCheck, visit (https://tapcheck.io) or contact Gijs ter Horst on +31 6 1554 9243.

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