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MaaS Providers sell public transport tickets via TapConnect

Apr 21, 2021 12:00:00 AM • Author: Gijs ter Horst

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is quickly on the rise. With a MaaS App travellers can buy a bus ticket, rent a bike or an electric scooter. TapConnect now provides the standard TOMP API to make the live of MaaS Providers much easier. The first ones: Amaze, Tanqyou and Via-Go have already connected to TapConnect, allowing them to purchase GVB or Arriva tickets in a simple, standard way.

TOMP API: A Standard interface between Travel Operator and MaaS Provider

Mobility as a Service is one of the promises made to travelers of the future. With one App, you can plan a trip from a small village in France to the Rembrandt museum in Amsterdam, using all modalities neccesary to do so: a cab ride, the train, a rental bike to get from Gare du Sud to Gare du Nord, and finally a tram ride with GVB in Amsterdam.

To make this happen, the MaaS App must connect to all Transport Operators. It must plan and book the taxi ride, plan the train ride and purchase a ticket for it, etc. All Transport Operators share a barcode that grants access to the cabs, bikes trains and trams used along the journey.

The TOMP API offers a standardized communication protocol between the Transport Operator and the MaaS Provider, hence the acronym: TOMP. This standard protocol makes the Maas Providers' life much easier. Instead of connecting to dozens of proprietaty planning and booking engines, it can now use the TOMP protocol to deal with all Transport Operators, or at least the ones that support the TOMP standard.

Ximedes' barcode solution TapConnect, in use by Arriva and GVB is now compliant with the TOMP API. Maas Providers such as Amaze, Via-Go and Tanqyou are connected to this TOMP API, and can provide barcode tickets that give travellers access to the public transport offered by GVB and Arriva.

We are proud of this new extension to TapConnect, which helps public transport become more accesible. If you require more information, please contact us

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Gijs ter Horst

CCO at Ximedes