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Cash register and service solution for Public Transport companies

Feb 28, 2022 12:00:00 AM • Author: John-Peter Veldkamp

Ximedes joins forces with Bovertis to combine OV-HOST with POS hardware & software.

(Nederlandse versie)

The cooperation between Ximedes & Bovertis has been expanded by being allowed to deliver a joint cash register solution for another Public Transport company. Following GVB, RET and Transdev, this carrier will make use of the OV-HOST/POST solution of Ximedes and this time in combination with the POS solution of Bovertis.

Bovertis will supply the necessary hardware and the POS software. Through an integration with the functionality of the Ximedes solution, the possibility is unlocked to provide OV card related services to the traveler and also to sell OV related products (including topping up the balance of the closed loop OV card). The combined solution will be rolled out in the (mobile) service points of the Public Transport Operator.

Paul Dumasy (Bovertis): "We are very much looking forward to the intensification of the cooperation with Ximedes on the one hand and our joint customer on the other hand where we will spread our wings further outside of Airport Retail, where Bovertis has more than earned its spurs. We are driven to make a success of this specific segment of Public Transport and we thank our client for the trust they have placed in us.

The sales system will be set up in such a way that - in time - it will also be possible to sell e.g. barcodes. Travelling with a barcode (also a product of Ximedes) will - like travelling with a bank card - be one of the new forms in the coming years that travellers can use.

John-Peter Veldkamp (Ximedes): "With this combined solution we can continue to support the carriers with both the current OV system, but we are also prepared for what is yet to come."

About Ximedes

We help our customers with innovative software solutions. The OV sales solutions of Ximedes are meanwhile widely used by public transport companies. Besides the OV-HOST/POST solution, Ximedes has developed a barcode back-office solution (TapConnect). We also support our customers with mobile Sales and Inspection solutions for Public Transport/ticketing products. Using an Android device, a product can be sold in the field - fully mobile, including contactless payment and printing a barcode. Currently we’re also working on the rollout of a nationwide Mobile Inspection and Service solution (MInS) for Public Transport operators.

Contact Ximedes:


John-Peter Veldkamp
Manager Mobility Solutions & Innovation

About Bovertis

The Bovertis POS solution has proven itself to be exceptionally stable and user-friendly over the past decades. We are proud that this has been rewarded with high customer satisfaction figures! The innovative POS software from Bovertis can be completely adapted to the wishes and needs of the customer. In close collaboration with the customer and Ximedes, we once again supply a total solution which will relieve the customer of all worries, so that he can keep the focus on his business. In addition to the POS solution, Bovertis has also specialized in payment processes and store logistics.

Contact Bovertis:

Paul Dumasy
Commercial Director

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact either Ximedes or Bovertis.

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