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Rotterdam’s Black Friday Transport Solution

Nov 24, 2023 11:33:07 AM • Author: Gijs ter Horst

Black Friday is synonymous with throngs of eager shoppers and bustling city centers. However, this year’s Black Friday in Gemeente Rotterdam presented an unusual challenge: the central station, a key node in the city’s transport network, was closed due to scheduled railway works. With the potential for chaos looming, the city council and RET, Rotterdam’s public transport service, crafted a remarkable solution to keep the shopping spirit alive and flowing.

Innovative Transportation for an Unprecedented Situation

Faced with the closure of Rotterdam Central Station during one of the busiest shopping periods of the year, the city council exhibited proactive leadership. They approved a plan to finance day tickets, ensuring that visitors from outside the city weren't deterred by potential travel hassles. This initiative enabled consumers to utilize P+R (Park and Ride) facilities, strategically located at the outskirts, and travel into the heart of the shopping district using RET’s public transport services. 

TapConnect: The Behind-the-Scenes Hero

TapConnect played an integral role in this operation. By pre-producing a significant number of day tickets and strategically distributing them at P+R sites, the process was streamlined. This forward-thinking approach meant that shoppers could bypass the inconvenience of the central station's closure, enjoying a direct, cost-free journey to where the deals awaited.


Quite impressive. RET managed to quickly anticipate to unforeseen challenges as can be clearly seen in this TapConnect chart.

A Visual Triumph: Over 100,000 Tickets in a Day

The results of this logistical maneuver were nothing short of impressive. In our office hallway, a large display screen that normally tracks ticket generation lit up with activity. It showcased a striking peak, representing the over 100,000 tickets generated for this event – a clear visual indicator of the city’s commitment to maintaining commerce and community amidst potential disruption.

Charting Success in the Face of Adversity

The Black Friday transport strategy serves as a testament to Rotterdam's agility and dedication to its citizens and visitors. It also stands as a blueprint for how cities can leverage technology like TapConnect to respond to unforeseen challenges. As we reflect on the success of this initiative, we're reminded of the power of community collaboration, technological preparedness, and the indomitable spirit of commerce.

Shoppers may have come to Rotterdam seeking deals, but they left with a demonstration of efficient urban planning and the power of a city’s responsiveness to its people's needs. As the holiday season continues, Rotterdam’s approach provides a beacon for other cities navigating the complexities of urban transport and retail festivities.

Team TapConnect


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