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World Cleanup Day Haarlem

Oct 19, 2023 1:07:22 PM • Author: Hugo Witsel

On September 16th Ximedes joined the worldwide effort in making the world a better place, or at least a cleaner place. This was done in true Ximedes style with somebody suggesting to participate, a group of enthousiasts to organise the event and a hearth warming large group of co-workers helping out on the cleanup day.

The organisation started with a schedule and a plan:

world cleanup day 2

Which we, again in true Ximedes style, started with and immediately improved on by going where the trash was to be found. Agile way of working at its best!

We collected a pretty large amount of bags with trash from the neighbourhood. The most surprising was a pile of clothes (shoes, pants, sweater) lying in the corner of the Lichtfabriek. It was lying there clearly already for a few months. Right next to it was also a (empty) bottle of sun protection. So the good thing is that the person who is running around Haarlem naked is wel protected against the sun.

The most annoying piece of trash were cigaret butts, many cigaret butts, uncountable cigaret butts. It is amazing to see how easy people are still throwing them on the street while they generate so much pollution.

After the cleanup we had some sandwiches for lunch together and enjoyed the clean and sunny afternoon. Many thanks to Spaarnelanden for supplying the tools which helped a lot with the cleanup. And of course to the organising party.

World cleanup day 3

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Hugo Witsel