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Ximedes' Perspective: A Successful Journey with the FinTech Trade Mission to Germany

Mar 6, 2024 4:36:27 PM • Author: Gijs ter Horst

Ximedes is expanding her Public Transport offering to Germany, focusing on services that support the D-Ticket, both issuing the ticket to travellers and validating and inspecting the barcodes.

Additionally, the payment products offered by Ximedes and its sister company Ginger are also of interest to the German market. It is becoming increasingly evident that banks should provide a comprehensive omni-channel payment solution to merchants, supporting both online and terminal payments. Additionally, embedded finance solutions are becoming more interesting to banks, enabling them to offer loans, financial leases or factoring through API’s. Ximedes is well-positioned to meet these requirements for banks

That is why Ximedes eagerly joined the FinTech Trade Mission organised by the Dutch Government Organizations. It provided an efficient way to explore the rapidly evolving landscape of the German financial sector.

Throughout the three impactful days of the trade mission, we actively participated in a dynamic program, engaging in networking events and listening to insightful pitches and presentations from industry leaders. Collaborating with fellow Dutch fintech companies, we seized the opportunity to forge meaningful connections and gain invaluable insights into the nuances of the German financial market.

Reflecting on this journey, Ximedes celebrates the success of our participation in the trade mission. We learned that Germany takes pride in its position in blockchain solutions, such as Bitpanda, and its legislation for such solutions is ahead of that in the US.

In Germany, there seems to be a positive attitude towards the digital Euro, a currency issued by the central banks, which is likely to be made available through the apps of central banks. 

For Ximedes, the most significant leap forward is our enhanced understanding of the German banking structure, thanks to the discussions we had with the participants. It consists of hundreds of independent banks, united around a limited number of central organisations, that provide centralised services to these banks.

Ximedes and Ginger eagerly anticipate the future collaborations and partnerships that will emerge from our journey with the FinTech Trade Mission to Germany.

Ready to make the future of Public Transport?

Gijs ter Horst

CCO at Ximedes