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Ximedes wins The Hague's Public Transport tender for Futureproof & Innovative Till System

Dec 11, 2023 2:49:59 PM • Author: John-Peter Veldkamp

Revolutionizing Public Transport in The Hague: A New Era with Ximedes BV

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the realm of public transportation in The Hague, Netherlands. Ximedes BV, a renowned name in innovative technology solutions for Mobility Providers, has been selected by HTM, the Public Transport Operator of The Hague, to implement a cutting-edge till system across all of its Service Points. This marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of public transit services in the city, setting a new standard for customer service and operational efficiency.

Navigating the Transition: OVpay Replaces the OV-Chipcard

The Dutch public transportation landscape is on the verge of a transformative change with the introduction of OVpay. This new system is set to eventually phase out the existing OV-Chipcard, necessitating a strategic overhaul by Public Transport Operators nationwide. The challenge is formidable: Until the expected phase-out date of January 1, 2026, operators must support both the current OV-Chipcard and the emerging OVpay system. This dual-system period demands a versatile and robust solution, and Ximedes BV rises to the occasion.

Ximedes' Comprehensive Solution: A Game-Changer for HTM

Ximedes BV, in collaboration with Bovertis, has proposed a comprehensive solution that addresses the complexities of this transitional phase. This solution is adept at handling all OV Chipcard-related transactions and service requests, ensuring a seamless experience for both customers and service personnel. Furthermore, it is designed to accommodate the requirements of the new OV Chipcard (OVpay card) and the cEMV (bank-card) systems, marking a significant leap in technological integration.

Beyond Ticketing: A Multifaceted Approach

The combined Ximedes & Bovertis solution extends its capabilities to include barcode ticket sales and printing, enhancing the range of services available to HTM customers. This is facilitated by the TapConnect barcode solution, another innovative development by Ximedes, which generates travel rights that can be selected, purchased, and printed through the new till system.

Empowering HTM Service Personnel

A notable feature of the proposed system is its ability to integrate with various HTM-owned applications at different service points. This integration allows service personnel to access and modify subscription solutions, process payments for outstanding bills, and much more, all within a unified system. This not only streamlines operations but also significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of customer service.

Proven Success and Expanding Horizons

The Ximedes till solution is not a new entrant in the market. It has already been successfully implemented by major transport operators like GVB, ARRIVA, RET, and Transdev. The addition of HTM to this prestigious list is a testament to Ximedes' expertise and the trust it has earned in the industry.

Conclusion: A Bright Future for Public Transport in The Hague

The partnership between HTM and Ximedes BV represents a leap forward in public transport technology and customer service. As The Hague's public transport system gears up for this exciting change, residents and visitors alike can look forward to a more efficient, user-friendly, and technologically advanced transit experience. This initiative is more than just an upgrade; it's a redefinition of public transport convenience and reliability, setting a benchmark for cities worldwide.

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John-Peter Veldkamp