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Breaking News: Ximedes acquires Ginger Payments

Jun 1, 2022 1:49:00 PM • Author: René Hodde

We are proud to announce that Ximedes acquires Ginger, the leading Amsterdam-based online payment platform provider. Ximedes’s acquisition of Ginger fits into its series of strategic investments to become a top European fintech player. Other recent purchases include the recently founded Vayapay.com, TapConnect.io, and Pecunda.com, all innovative firms accelerating FinTech and FareTech product propositions.


Ximedes, established in 1998, builds bespoke software, focusing on Open Banking and Open Public Transport systems. In the past few years, Ximedes has done a series of strategic acquisitions to become a top European fintech leader. With its fintech proposition, Ximedes helps banks to build new services that are on par, or exceed, the offering of fintech players. The acquisition of Ginger fits right into this strategy. Ginger has been providing online payment solutions since 2014, enabling banks and fintechs to help their merchants accept payments. Ginger has established a solid clientele of leading banks and fintechs in Western Europe, and together with Ximedes, it plans to expand further across Europe.


Ginger is a fast-growing payments company trusted by tier-1 banks & acquirers, with clients like EMS (a Fiserv & ABN AMRO company) and Rabobank. Ginger offers, among others, the tech component of a white label PSP (payment solutions provider) making sure that banks can become PSPs themselves. While leaving the handling of the money to the banks, Ginger does not compete with its clients.

Combined forces

This acquisition strengthens Ximedes' ability to deliver end-to-end solutions to financial institutions (FIs) by combining a SaaS-based payment solution with its existing software development capabilities. The deal comes as eCommerce transaction volumes continue their robust growth following global lockdowns, placing more pressure on FIs to deliver a better customer experience through integrated payment solutions.

Photo René & Roderick

Photo: CEO Ximedes, René Hodde (left) and CEO Ginger, Roderick de Koning (right)

Ximedes founder and CEO, René Hodde, stated: “Ginger's commitment to technology, simplicity, and transparency perfectly aligns with our own values. I am looking forward to helping our existing and future customers by offering payment services to the market in the most efficient and fastest way possible.”

Ginger's CEO, Roderick de Koning, commented: "We're proud that Ginger has grown into a trusted partner for global banks and fintechs. With growing eCommerce volumes, FIs are making it their priority to offer a complete PSP solution to customers, one with a wide range of international payment methods. The combined forces of Ximedes' software development capabilities and Ginger's SaaS proposition create a strong fintech ready for its next phase, its rollout through Europe.”

Parties are not disclosing the terms of the acquisition.

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René Hodde

René Hodde